Welcome to the home page of the National Association of State Outdoor Recreation Liaison Officers. NASORLO is an organization that represents the states and territories and is a liaison to the National Park Service in the administration of the Land and Water Conservation Fund in funding outdoor recreation at the state and local government level.  The LWCF is intended to create and maintain a nationwide legacy of high quality recreation areas and facilities and to stimulate non-federal investments in the protection and maintenance of recreation resources across the United States.

Our Mission: We are the primary advocate for the State Assistance program of the Land and Water Conservation Fund. We do this through providing information, training, collecting data and preparing reports for use by the Department of Interior, Congress, our members, partners and communities who benefit from this program.

Who We Are

We are the stewards of the Land and Water Conservation Fund in your state, the District of Columbia or US Territory.  NASORLO members are appointed by governors to manage the LWCF state and local grant program.  For more information about us go to our history.

Our Work

We guide the expenditure of LWCF investments through outdoor recreation grants assuring those funds result in the greatest outdoor recreation experiences in your community, state and territory.  We ensure that these outdoor recreation assets remain intact and forever available to the public for your use and enjoyment.  Our Mission is to ensure the LWCF grants, combined with the required matching dollars, are spent where people need outdoor recreation access and availability.


NASORLO is the key advocate for the continuation and re-authorization of LWCF and an equitable distribution of these funds for state and local governments.


The LWCF is currently authorized only through Sept. 2018

NASORLO is seeking permanent re-authorization of this program

When equity is assured it will ensure you, your family and friends will have parks close to home

Even though not every citizen can have a National Park but the LWCF program ensures you have a local or state park nearby .

News & Events

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Thoughts & Comments

The Land and Water Conservation Fund has improved the nation’s recreational assets and quality of life immeasurably over the last 52 years. This unique partnership between the states, federal, and local governments has built playgrounds, ball fields, trails, swimming pools and park systems that provide our citizens with close to home recreation. Not only are these community assets, they also contribute to our economy with $140 billion in economic activity and almost 1 million jobs. In the coming year, we know that we need to modernize and improve upon this legacy of success. We will need to work closely with Congress and the public to re-authorize the program, to assure fair and equitable funding for stateside assistance and to improve implementation in partnership with the National Park Service. Thank you to all of those who work on the state level to improve outdoor recreation and connect with communities across the country.

Lauren Imgrund, President