NASORLO Approved Minutes

Board and Business Meeting Minutes 2010 NASORLO Annual Business Meeting Minutes 2010 2011 NASORLO March Bd Minutes 3-18-11 NASORLO Draft Board Minutes 11-18-2011 NASORLO Board 9-21-11EditApproved NASORLO Annual Business Meeting Minutes9-22-11 NASORLO Board 9-21-11EditApproved 2012 Budget Approved at 9-22-2011 annual meeting 2012 2012 NASORLO March Board Meeting Minutes 3-30-12 NASORLO Board Executive Session3-30-12 NASORLO NASORLO […]

Approved Board Minutes 11-18-12

Here are the minutes of the NASORLO Board Conference Call of November 18, 2012 as a follow up to the Annual Meeting.   These were approved at the subsequent Board meeting Conference Call on January 28, 2012. NASORLO Approved Board Minutes 11-18-2011

2010 Annual Business Meeting Minutes ( Draft )

Attached is the draft of the 2010 Annual Business meeting of NASORLO.  These minutes will be reviewed and finalized at the 2011 Annual Business meeting in Wilmington, DE on Sept. 22, 2011. NASORLO Annual Business Meeting Minutes 2010

Meeting Minutes 03.24.2011

The following attachment is the draft minutes from our March Board Meeting.. Please read before the meeting on Friday, May 20th.. NASORLO March Bd Minutes 3-18-11

NASORLO Board Meeting 1-28-2011

NASORLO Board Meeting, January 28, 2011 1:35PM EST. Roll Call – Present, Tim Hogsett, TX; Rob Grant, AL; Bob Bronson, IN; David Johnson, VA; Domenic Bravo, WY; Becky Kelley, GA, Gary Thorson,CO; Jay Ziemann, AZ; Pete Finn NY; Susan Moershel DE; Tim Montgomery.  Absent – Kris Marek, OK; Sedrick Mitchell CA; Chas Van Genderen, MT; […]