DOI Grants being examined… especially land acquisitions with LWCF

Spotty grant tracking draws watchdog’s fire Michael Doyle, E&E News reporter Published: Thursday, September 28, 2017 Some Interior Department officials are tussling with the Office of Inspector General over the department’s failure to standardize the tracking of hundreds of millions of dollars in grants used for land purchases. The behind-the-scenes bureaucratic conflict, percolating for months, […]

New State Outdoor Recreation funding survey!!

BOULDER, Colo. – September 6, 2017 – Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) today released the State Funding Mechanisms for Outdoor Recreation report featuring case studies on seven states across the country that are investing in the public lands and waters that support the outdoor economy. “Funding for outdoor recreation and conservation is a central part of what OIA and […]

How Nature Heals – An argument for open space and parks

By Dr. Mercola Many people feel an intrinsic pull to spend time in nature, and this makes perfect sense. Your brain and body are largely hard-wired to sync with the laws of nature — the rise and fall of the sun and the changing of the seasons, for example — not with the 24/7 work-a-day […]

Detroit Mayor plans 11.7 Million to rehabilitate Parks

Detroit is making plans to rehabilitate it’s smaller parks as part of an attempt to improve the city.  Detroit is the location of the 2016 NASORLO Annual Meeting and we will visit local LWCF parks. Copy and paste      to see the full article.

The Case for LWCF Reform – Rep. Bishop, Chair of House NR Committee

In the following article, Chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee ( a key committee involved with LWCF reauthorization ) gives his view on LWCF and it’s need for changes. Restoration of equity for the State Assistance Program is a key concern of his.  fyi.. The Case for LWCF Reform by Rep. Rob Bishop (UT-01) […]

Parks role in Successful Cities

Here are some reasons that parks are important to our communities and especially how they can support the growth and quality of life in our cities.  One more reason an urban component of the LWCF is so much of a priority and needed in the re-authorization of LWCF. Parks: One of the Most Important Ingredients […]

NPS Announcement – Special Grant program for Outdoor Recreation in Metropolitan Areas

National Park Service Announces the Availability of $3 Million in Grants for Outdoor Recreation in Cities WASHINGTON – National Park Service Director Jonathan B. Jarvis today announced the availability of $3 million in grants from the Land and Water Conservation Fund for a new “Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership” program.  These funds will help acquire and/or […]

American Network of Parks and Open Space – Revisited

The following is the Executive Summary of a 20 year old NPS assessment of the State Grants and UPARR program.  It lists recommendations, not implemented, which are as relevant today as it was in 1994.  These are the issues the Stateside Coalition is currently working on.. Provided for your information and consideration. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY BACKGROUND: […]

Hispanic Leaders Support Funding of LWCF as important to a healthy America !!!

Making Community Investment a New Year’s Resolution Posted: 01/15/2014  6:34 pm  The start of a New Year is typically a time for setting resolutions. For many, these resolutions might mean staying fit and healthy, becoming more organized or spending more time with family. We don’t know if Congress makes New Year’s resolutions, but in this […]

North Dakota identifies Economic Impact of Public Parks and Recreation as 802 million dollars annually

$802 Million Impact from Parks and Recreation in State North Dakota’s public parks and recreation agencies play an important role in regional and state economies with a combined impact of $802 million each year, according to a new study from the North Dakota State University (NDSU) Department of Agribusiness and Applied Economics that was coordinated […]