GOMESA Explained !!

The link below gives you an overview of the GOMESA program that is an enhancement to LWCF on an annual basis.. fyi.. https://www.boem.gov/Revenue-Sharing/

New Study…Local and Regional Parks are a 140 BILLION dollar impact on the Economy – NRPA

A recent NRPA sponsored study showed that spending at local and regional public parks contributed almost $140 billion in economic activity and generated nearly 1 million jobs in 2013. These numbers enhance an already robust list of reasons why public parks are important partners to their communities. These results are from the recently released Economic […]

Senator Murkowski’s comments on LWCF reauthorization and State Grants

[Ed. Note: In our May issue, Chairman Rep. Rob Bishop (UT-1), of the House Natural Resources Committee, penned an article titled, “The Case for LWCF Reform,” In response, the committee’s Ranking Member, Rep. Raul Grijalva (AZ-3), provided an op-ed in our June issue. This month, Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) adds her thoughts to the discussion. All messages […]

NASORLO’s LWCF State Grants Tool Box and Advocacy Materials – Updated…7-10-15

The following are the LWCF materials to be used by advocates, SLO’s and ASLO’s to educate, inform and encourage support from your  Governor, elected officials and other key constituents  related to to LWCF stateside.  In addition, I have posted NRPA’s Congressional Visit Tool Kit ( Play close attention to the speaking points listed on Pg […]

Original LWCF Act of 1965 which designates how funds are to be directed and used

As we consider the 50th Anniversary of LWCF on Sept.  3, 2014, we need to look back to see what the original purpose of the Act was to determine it’s success and future focus, if it is to be reauthorized by 2015.  This language speaks to the need to reinstate a significant state share of […]

History of LWCF from it’s inception to 2014

Here is a link to a Congressional Research Service update report of 2014 on the LWCF.  It gives a very good overview of the program and it’s history, including annual appropriations and percentages.. It is worth looking at and printing for your reference and advocacy purposes.   https://www.fas.org/sgp/crs/misc/RL33531.pdf