The National Association of State Outdoor Recreation Liaison Officers (NASORLO) was formed in 1967 when the representatives from state and territorial governments were called together by the federal Bureau of Outdoor Recreation to address administrative matters related to a new state outdoor recreation grants program called the Land and Water Conservation Fund.  The state and territorial officials that gathered at that meeting felt an organization needed to be formed to represent their collective interests and become strong advocates for the stateside of the new program  Since it’s inception the National Association of State Outdoor Recreation Liaison Officers has performed that role.  [ Open NASORLO Background  for more detailed history on the creation of  NASORLO ]

Officers and Board Members of NASORLO are volunteers who, in addition to their ongoing duties to each of the states and territories, provide guidance and administer the work of the organization. [ Go to Member Section and find current Officers and Board Members in NASORLO Leadership 2016-17 ]

NASORLO Constitution & By Laws


NASORLO’s 2017 Organizational  annual filing of it’s incorporation in North Dakota


NASORLO’s Federal tax exemption 501(c) (6) re-certification on May 15, 2010

For more information on the history and data on the LWCF,  view
Land and Water Conservation Fund: Overview, Funding History, and Issues
(or cut and paste the following… https://www.fas.org/sgp/crs/misc/RL33531.pdf)


2010 Annual Conference Awards

  • The National Recreation and Park Association for Stateside Advocacy
  • The National Association of State Park Directors for Stateside Advocacy
  • The National Governor’s Association for Leadership and Stateside Advocacy
  • Michael A. Wilson, National Park Service for his Leadership and Service to NASORLO