NPS Monthly Compliance Call notes and LWCF grants information

Here are the notes from the March call with Emily Ferguson – NPS- There were a couple of items that necessitated this follow up e-mail: 

  • ORLAP – the density requirements have not changed for the FY2017 applications: eligibility is still based on the 2010 Census data identifying urban areas and cities of 50k + people
  • Grants – the second grant window is open (P18AS00084). The grant window will be open until April 30, 2018 (Monday).
  • Attached is the 2015 NPS NEPA Handbook (CE list is in Section 3.3 and Extraordinary Assumptions is in Section 3.5)  and the supplement for Preparing Focused and Concise EAs (in one combined file)
  • Ideas to keep grant sub-recipients aware of their LWCF responsibilities – ideas captured during the calls):
    • For our state-funded grant programs, a condition of final reimbursement is that LWCF recipients must complete an inspection form and take photos of the site.  This helps remind folks of their responsibilities to the LWCF program.
    • Post Completion Self Certification Reports and on-site spot inspections every 5 years
    • Every five years onsite inspection with a followup letter. Deed restrictions are required on all our projects.
    • We require that local govts record the LWCF grant contract on the deed prior to reimbursement.  We were considering mailing reminders and LWCF compliance responsibilities every few years.  We do deed restrictions but that has not helped.  We also send copies of the post-completion inspection reports to the project sponsors.
    • We have a self-certification process and it is included as a covenant on the recorded deed.
    • Every year, i try to send an email request for a project inspection to every town manager and parks and recreation  director.  The request includes project numbers for each project the municipality has, and if need be follow up about where the heck that park is in their community.
    • We developed an on-line system where LWCF grants are submitted – also transferred over 750 projects. The system is able to send out email reminders as many times as we want. Makes it easier, quicker. For those emails where no response happens we will contact grantee by phone
    • We send out an Annual Operations and Maintenance Assurance Statement (AOMAS) that must be signed and returned.
    • We require post completion inspections-Self reporting and onsite visits

Thanks to everyone for sharing and making the call more interactive. Please let us know if you have any suggested State call topics that you would like us to cover. We look forward to talking to everyone again on April 25, 2018. Emily Ferguson, State and Local Assistance Program National Park Service.  (202) 354-6931

NPS NEPA Handbook  2015 NPS_NEPAHandbook_with Supplement