Training update – November 2017

The following gives you some information on the issue of Training discussed at the 2017 Annual Meeting in Little Rock.  A training Committee, chaired by Eric Feldbaum NH is developing priorities and action items to address the needs as expressed by members.

A Training Survey was completed by NPS in 2012.. See below attached.  From this survey a training agenda was developed and programs implemented in 2013 at the LWCF Summit in Denver.

NPS has indicated, there will probably not be national training until the completion of the LWCF Manual revision later in 2018.  Target dates are probably in Spring 2019 and the likely location would be Omaha..

The NASORLO Training Committee will address training needs from among the following identified at the annual meeting.

1) Conversions, how to deal with them start to finish and regular vs small conversion.  See the following materials..

Here is Ohio’s document for the steps necessary for Conversions.

LWCF Section 6(f) Conversion Process-OHIO 2015

Here are Maine’s Conversion documents.

Conversion Generic Timeline


Here are Georgia’s Conversion documents

GA-Steps for Addressing Converison

LWCF Section 6(f) Conversion Process-2015 (Oregon)

Here is Oregon’s Conversion Guidelines

LWCF Section 6(f) Conversion Process-OHIO 2015

2) website..  Training?


4)CFR Training, new CFR 200, where are the classes?

5)Opportunities for States to highlight online/computer based grant systems

6) How to complete all the fed forms

7) Boundary Maps and exclusions

8)How to run a grant round with limited staff

9) Regional training ? Every 1-2 years ?

10)Environmental Reviews

11)6(f) Monitoring, State process ability to share system

12)  Use of the new NPS monthly calls and develop training based on major issues

13) Understanding the Manual (with new manual proposed to be out in a year who will do a training? )

***Here is the NPS 2012 Training Survey overview.

State Training Q8 All Responses – graph (1)